Puttin' on the Ritz



15 cans off brand or on sale mushroom soup
1 can cheddar bacon soup because it was the last one left and it looked sad
(you can make a roux if you want, but the budget calls for margarine)
6 cups finally diced dill pickles
1 x 4lb brick of cheddar, grated
1 box Ritz crackers (Tartinables will do in a pinch)
2 vacuum sealed bags of Sysco brand skipjack tuna
1 restaurant sized case elbow macaroni
s+p to taste


Cook off pasta to al dente in salted water.
If water pump is broken, drag 4x large stock pots 400 meters from the river, through the underbrush. Boil.

Mix tuna with mushroom soup, cheddar bacon soup, season with s+p.

Crush Ritz crackers in a Ziploc bag using a wrench.
If you’re not short on diesel for the generator, use a food processor.

Layer pasta across 6x 4” hotel pans.

Mix pasta thoroughly with tuna+soup mixture.

Top with cheese, Ritz crackers and pickles.

Bake at 350 (you can calibrate this by holding a bare hand up to the propane powered stove and taking your best guess) until hot through with crispy cheese and Ritz on top.

Recommended sides: potato salad, coleslaw, Caesar salad.


This is a great recipe for when the only person in camp with their bus license is your camp boss and you sometimes have to make a quick five hour round-trip into town to pick up your food order and leave a manageable recipe for the 2nd cook to feed 65 people without assistance.

Returning in camp empties to the Beer Store while you’re in town garners enough money to buy several 40’s of OE for a staff party Thursday in the staff trailer. Bring yer handlamps.